Hi, thanks a lot for taking a few minutes to answer to our questions. First of all, how are you?

Alexandra: I’m just great, thanks! It’s a pleasure to answer your questions!

We'd like you to introduce yourselves to our readers talking a bit about where are you coming from, how was your band formed, what are your influences…

Alexandra: Revontulet is a female-fronted symphonic metal band from Russia, though the name of the band is a Finnish word, which means “Northern Lights”. Firstly formed in 2008, we experienced quite a few line-up changes, so now there are only two of us, me and the drummer, Sergey Zorg. And actually, we are the only ones who “survived” all the transformations from the very first line-up. We have pretty different musical background, but the main influences are symphonic and gothic metal bands such as Lacrimosa, Nightwish, Theatre of Tragedy etc.

"Hear Me" is his first album in studio ... you can tell us about this musical work?as was the creative process?

Alexandra: This album consists of 8 songs that were written during a few years. Actually, I wrote one of them at the age of 14! Of course, it was remade a bit, but the main idea and melody are still the same. We started recording the album in June 2012, at that moment we had Dmitriy Sakharchuk (guitar) and Maxim Orlov (bass) in the band. Also you can hear the work of many guest musicians, who performed the viola, violin, cello, flute and choir parts. I’m very proud of the fact, that the album was recorded and mixed by ourselves and mastered by well-known Finnish sound-engineer Hiili Hiilesmaa. So this is a work of many people, who put a part of their souls into this music. Every song has its importance and a special meaning for me. But I believe everybody can find something for themselves in this music!

Which is the musical concept of the lyrics that are based to compose?

Alexandra: As I always say, every piece of art ever created on Earth is about love, life or death, in any combination. Of course, it applies to my lyrics as well J

For those who haven't listened to your music yet, which songs would you strongly recommend for them to have an idea of your sound?

Alexandra: It would be perfect if you listened to the title track, “Hear Me”, as it consists of everything we have in our music, but if you don’t have 15 minutes to spend on yet unknown band, then listen to “Rainheart”! Visit our site to check it out! http://revontuletband.com/music.html

Do you have any material available to purchase or download? If so, where can people go to get it or listen to it?

Alexandra: You can find our music on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and many other on-line services. The CDs and t-shirts are available for purchase in our webstore,http://revontulet.bigcartel.com/

Also, you have a unique chance till the 14th of August 2014 to support Revontulet’s upcoming music video and to get a lot of exclusive stuff such as Limited Double CD, sheet music, instrumental version of the album and many other interesting things! Check out our crowdfunding campaign athttp://igg.me/at/rainheart

As has been the acceptance of the public towards you at concerts?And on your side, what will you offer to The people that will go there and see your performance?

Alexandra: We played quiet a lot gigs in Moscow and we had a really warm reception. We share all our energy and passion with the audience! It is the pure downpour of emotions! Isn’t it what music is all about? ;)

Talking about other fests...have been able to play outside your country?

Alexandra: Not yet, but we gladly consider every offer!

Changing topics, what are you up to these days?

Alexandra: At this moment we are working on the script for the music video for “Rainheart”. It’s our fist video work so we are exploring a lot of interesting things now. We already have a rough plotlines (there are going to be three of them!), but we still have to figure out some details. And I write some new songs at the moment, and they are going to be great! So stay tuned! ;)

We got to the end of it. That's all on our side, so if you'd like to add anything else, you can do it now. Thanks a lot for your time and we wish you all the best for your future.

Alexandra: Thank you very much for this interview! I hope your readers enjoy it! And if you guys also enjoyed our music, please subscribe at our website and give us a like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/revontuletofficial