The first reviews of "Hear Me"

It's been a month since the release date of Revontulet's debut album "Hear Me". We are happy, that it has been well received by music critics and audience. Check out he first reviews:

"...The vocals of Alexandra, her instrument, is an important part of Revontuet's music. ... It is a powerful, soulful vocals, the music is actually exists around it. Alexandra, as a great actress, creatively uses the emotional constituents of her miraculous instrument. There are pathetical and lofty-passionate, and just passionate, and melancholic components... The second important passkey ... is bright, pure European melodic music, by the way, the author is our Sasha [Alexandra]. And even stating that the source is seen quite clearly, one can understand the originality of the arrangements, that fill the old channels with new content."
10/10 - Resurgam, Mastersland

“...I am unable to compare the band to anything else I know, because it simply escapes my expectations and cascades into a playing field of its own, with more complex orchestral arrangements than I believe I have ever heard. It is as if the electric instruments are there to remind me that I'm still listening to a metal band; regardless, both realms of sound adequately complement each other.”
10/10 - Daniel Fox, Metal Temple

“'Hear Me' contains eight well written and composed tracks that capture the true spirit of the Symphonic Metal genre in all its glory and is creditable debut album from Revontulet. The band are obviously talented musicians and this shows in the quality of the tracks which are well mixed and produced with a perfect balance between the music and the vocals. The stand out points for me are the huge orchestrations and the vocals of front woman Alexandra Revontulet which are powerful, rising and controlled and a pleasure to listen to. All in all a solid debut from a band i'd recommend you keep an eye on as i'm Revontulet will go from strength to strength. If you are a fan of quality Symphonic Metal 'Hear Me' is certainly an album for you.”
4/5 - SeventhSon, Black Phoenix Rising

“This is a very high quality, listener-oriented project. The music is catchy and tuneful, the voice is tender and attractive, the combination of heavy guitars and soft keyboards at its best, as usual. The album is listened in the same breath, and this music is perfect for any mood: you can dream, you can rejoice and even dance a little, you can be sad, you can start to fantasize and visualize parallel worlds: the boundless seas, endless forests, mysterious labyrinths, where you can get lost, but the lovely voice of the enigmatic beauty and the never fading light of the beacon will always take you out of there...”
- Darla Dreamer, Insurgent