Russia has some awesome bands within it's boundaries, and we can now add another one to the list. Looking at the information sheet that came with the release, the band is effectively the tender voice of Alexandra Revontulet and her partner in crime, drummer Sergey Zorg, with a little help along the way from some friends. And not only that, all songs were written, composed and orchestrated by Alexandra Revontulet, who also has a Masters Degree in Sound Production, so she is a very talented young lady by all accounts. This release offers us 8 tracks of some of the finest female fronted Symphonic Rock & Metal you will hear in 2014, coupled with some epic orchestrations. This album had me making full use of Google, as I was totally blown away by the laid back track 'Suomi', great intrumentation here - Suomi meaning "Finland" in Finnish as I established after using Google - what would we do without it?. There are other gems galore on this record including another laid back number, the commercial sounding 'Rainheart', the heavier and epic sounding 'Velvet Night', the cool and bombastic 'The Pianist Of The Darkest Night' (a song driven by the piano) and the epic 15 minute closer and title track 'Hear Me', this closer a track of colossal proportions. Revontulet are certainly no Nightwish clones, and I must say that this is a well written and well produced album that deserves wide recognition, a solid and a very competent recording indeed. Check out the band's website here, and oh, going back to Google, REVONTULET is a Finnish word for "aurora", although it also does mention this on the band's Facebook page. Now you know!

8.75/10 - Aimee, Ravenheart