“...I am unable to compare the band to anything else I know, because it simply escapes my expectations and cascades into a playing field of its own, with more complex orchestral arrangements than I believe I have ever heard. It is as if the electric instruments are there to remind me that I'm still listening to a metal band; regardless, both realms of sound adequately complement each other.”

"...The vocals of Alexandra, her instrument, is an important part of Revontuet's music. ... It is a powerful, soulful vocals, the music is actually exists around it. Alexandra, as a great actress, creatively uses the emotional constituents of her miraculous instrument. There are pathetical and lofty-passionate, and just passionate, and melancholic components... The second important passkey ... is bright, pure European melodic music, by the way, the author is our Sasha [Alexandra]. And even stating that the source is seen quite clearly, one can understand the originality of the arrangements, that fill the old channels with new content."

“...We are in front of a great piece of Symphonic/Melodic metal. The Russians ''Revontulet'' made an exceptional piece of art charged of magic & emotionality. The impressive vocal nuance of the mezzo- soprano Alexandra added to its careful interpretation gives a very rich album in every aspect. Also there is a mix of instruments that emphasize the undeniable dynamic of the symphonic/power metal, which is appreciated since it’s not created by synthesizer, therefore is more genuine. Other important thing is the choirs, which are very complex, though we can hear them just in brief transitions.”

“Russian Femme Metal is capable of a lot of musical directions. But I’m not sure there’s another that can compare with what Revontulet does so well here. I’m not sure anyone does it better... Symphonic metal has another gem in the collection. A Russian gem. ”

“Revontulet’s music is the perfect complement to a cold, snowy night in the middle of December with its wintry atmosphere. The orchestral passages are well done and all the musicians are experts in their craft as Hear Me is an impressive display of power/symphonic metal. The future is looking bright for Revontulet. ”

“Her voice is unique as well; a lot of operatic vocals tend to sound similar within their various ranges, but not Alexandra‘s – you know who is singing when Alexandra is singing. And to put the cherry on top, she sings with feeling as well as having perfect control. Operatic vocalists in Metal take note: this is how it should be done! ”

“... The title track "Hear Me" is a serious claim to write a symphonic opera in the future.
Why not? The debut album "Hear Me" showed such a high level of musicians' skills, now the most important thing is to keep on this hard act to follow. So, dear readers, listen to the album yourself and recommend REVONTULET to other symphonic metal fans, this band deserves it. ”

“This release offers us 8 tracks of some of the finest female fronted Symphonic Rock & Metal you will hear in 2014, coupled with some epic orchestrations.
Revontulet are certainly no Nightwish clones, and I must say that this is a well written and well produced album that deserves wide recognition, a solid and a very competent recording indeed. ”

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