We're fans of many styles of Rock music here on the Rockulus Maximus balcony. One such style is the epic and powerful wall of sound that is Symphonic Metal and all that embraces. Grab your passport (If you live outside of Russia) and come with us we share an interview with Alexandra Revontulet from the band Revontulet...

GARY: How did you discover the name "Revontulet" and what made it so suitable as your band name?
ALEXANDRA: You know, Finland is a very inspiring country for us. And I studied Finnish language for about three years. “Revontulet” means “Northern Lights” or literally “Fox Fire”, there’s a legend about a fox running in the sky in the north. It sweeps its tail and sparks fly off into the sky. We all agreed that it’s an interesting legend and a good name. Also I found a picture of “R”-shaped northern lights and drew a logo based on it. The logo even has its little tails if you look closely.

GARY: For those who haven't heard your music yet, how would you describe your sound to them?
ALEXANDRA: I’d say that our sound has a lot of strong and diverse symphonic parts, supplemented by powerful riffs and driving drums, as well as very interesting vocals. Everything needed for a symphonic metal sound is here! But we do it in our own way, so take a listen and you’ll be surprised!
GARY: It is openly acknowledged that the core of the group is your good self (Vocals, songwriting) and Sergey Zorg (drums). What is it that makes you work so well together?
ALEXANDRA: We have a very similar feeling of what is beautiful, and what our music should sound like. Though, we have a pretty different musical background, so we bring varied elements to our music.
GARY: You said that you found each other on the internet. Where was this union forged?
ALEXANDRA: We both posted our ads on one popular Russian music website, it’s musicforums.ru. Actually, firstly I found a guitar player, it was Yury Leshchishen. And as soon as we had found a bassist, we met for the first rehearsal. It was the 14th of November, 2008 and we consider this date as the birthday of Revontulet.
GARY: You released three singles over the course of time leading up to the debut album release. What made you approach things this way?
ALEXANDRA: I guess, nowadays singles are actually more important than full-length albums, especially for younger bands. This is the way to let people know that you exist!
GARY: "Rainheart" is an epic song and truly stunning. Can you tell me how the song came to be?
ALEXANDRA: Thank you! Well, actually it is always very hard to describe the process of creating something. Inspiration is a very important and mysterious thing, and nobody knows how it really works. Usually I have a vague idea in my mind, and I have to make it clear and write down as precise as possible. This idea appeared on one of the last summer days, when I was walking down the street in drizzling rain. And when I came home I played the first notes of the song…
GARY: How much of an impact has Moscow had on your actual music?
ALEXANDRA: I don’t think it actually has an impact, because every song is about the inner life and relations that could happen with anyone and anywhere in the world.
GARY: Your debut studio album is called "Hear Me". Is there a theme running through the album?
ALEXANDRA: As I always say, the only themes in art are love, life and death, in any combination. Of course, it applies to this album as well. And I believe that everyone can find something for themselves in this music.
GARY: What has been the hardest part of recording "Hear Me" and what lessons will you take with you for the next recording?
ALEXANDRA: Well, everything is pretty hard when you do everything yourself… I think, personally for me it was the mixing of the whole album. But no matter how hard it was I’m happy with the result and I hope that our fans like it too!
GARY: What is next for Revontulet?
ALEXANDRA: The next goal is the first music video! This is going to be a very interesting story! Thanks to our dear friends and fans we’ve got enough funds to embody all our ideas in this clip! Also I compose some new songs. Hopefully you’ll hear them soon!
Many sincere thanks to Alexandra for spending some time tackling our questions. If you have a spare moment, check out their official website -http://www.revontuletband.com/